Log Cabin Vacation Rentals in Virginia

Our Story

2781 Adial Rd. Faber, VA. 22938 USA


​​​​​​​​ From the time we were first married we always dreamed of owning a log cabin resort. We've done many different jobs throughout the years which gave us the knowledge and experience needed. Our most important job was raising our two sons Caleb and Noah. During our son's senior year in high school, we search for the perfect location to grow our dream into reality. In 2013, when we first stepped foot onto this land, we knew we had found the perfect place. It was beautiful and inviting, just like coming home. The tranquility was overwhelming, and we knew anyone that came here would be nourished by it. We have spent the last two years cultivating the land and building these amazing cabins.


 As your hosts, our goal is to provide you with the same opportunity that we are blessed with every day; to experience the beauty of nature all around you and to connect with the environment. Enjoy the Great Blue Heron awaiting on the far side of the lake; the deer feeding in the fields at dusk; the birds singing to you in the morning; and frogs adding their voices in the evening. Then before you retire to bed, you can just lay back and enjoy the magnificent starry skies. Tranquility at it's very best!

Please come to enjoy and restore yourself!  It's our pleasure to welcome you!

-Duane and Lisa Blakeslee

​" Look deep into nature, and then you'll understand everything better."

 -Albert Einstein